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The Main Objective Of Our eBooks.

Wisdom Is Our Top Priority.

To help you understand your KJV Bible on your own, and eventually become independent of end-times churches & buildings, which happens to be us today in the 21st century.

Our generation is ripe for the purge, as heresies are exponentially increasing. It is no longer safe to listen to a preacher today as most of them are agents of dark forces, mixing Truths with lies, and using the name of Jesus to lead you astray.

God is speeding things up!! and YAH has already initiated the events of Revelation. You will find everything you need to know in ‘The APOCALYPSE’ Category.

The only safe and accurate source of information today is your KJV Bible ONLY. Our eBooks will teach you how to read your Bible and understand so that when the season for spiritual famine actually strikes, you would be mature enough spiritually, to depend ONLY ON YOUR KJV BIBLE ALONE.

These are your future road-map resources FOR THE FUTURE APOCALYPSE. Time is running out fast. Get the resources you need while they are still available online today, AND PRINT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE!! THEN THANK YAH LATER, ONCE THE PROPHECIES COME TO PASS.

Background Information Of Our Ebooks:

You Don’t Need To Buy These Books. If You Read All The Messages On This Site, You Will Be Fine. Our eBooks Provide A Distraction-Free Environment To Understand End-Times Events Offline. Most Of The eBooks Cost Only 2.99£ Each. These price tags will enable us to encourage the team behind the scenes. I’m referring to those who have sacrificed their time and efforts, to assemble these easy-to-read books together.👉

For instance. We’ve included customized images that will enable you to have a seamless experience while reading offline, and understand better. Tons of hours have been dedicated to making this happen Since Dec. 2019. So any price tag attributed is meant for motivational purposes ONLY, and nothing spiritual attached. These prices do not determine whether you will enter the Kingdom of YAH or not.👉

We hope you understand what’s going on here. We believe that these prices are within reach to anyone who’s determined to learn Biblical Truths concerning the end of this era. We would have been very glad to offer these eBooks completely free, but your purchases/contributions will help us cover charges related to hosting, domain name, internet consumption, premium plugins, and other costs related to website development.


That notwithstanding, 95%+ of the information in our eBooks originate from the contents of our websites. If you stick around much longer, you will find a lot of interesting articles to read. But as we continue to add more content, certain topics might become difficult to find. And there’s still so much more we have to document. Plus we bring lots of different articles together, from different categories to form an eBook.👉

So the information in our eBooks is more organized, streamlined, and reveals a more coherent pattern. But why?Because we receive Bible interpretations in portions. For instance. We can document a certain interpretation today, then about 5 months later, we document another interpretation, which happens to be consistent with what we had documented 5 months earlier.👉

In order to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together, we assemble all the relevant articles in one eBook, which were written at different periods of time. That’s how we operate on our websites. We really don’t have any control over the timing of what we discover in the Bible. But when we discover a certain pattern, we assemble all relevant articles in one eBook. So our eBooks turn out to be more meaningful than our website.

And This Is The Major Reason Why It Has Taken Us Close To 2 Years To Finish Documenting The Apocalypse Series.😅😅

Again, we have discovered that some of our content is being removed from search results (noted on September 24th, 2021). If you are reading any articles on our website and find some missing pages, G000gle is the culprit, not us. So there are many advantages related to getting a copy of these eBooks for yourself. Even if all the content on our website is censored, the perfect backup is our eBook. You should get yours while the end time heat is still manageable. Don’t wait for the last minutes to prepare.👉

Hence the motive for the price tag: to help us stay online and encourage us to continue releasing Shocking Untold Truths, and to ensure that you have your own printable version as well. If we have to display the real prices of the information contained in our eBooks, it will be nothing short of thousands of dollars. This is not to brag!!! As you are about to discover, the information contained in our eBooks is being released for the very first time. And found nowhere else online but here.👉

We are getting to discover these Truths for the very first time too. In the Western world, when people discover certain things for the very first time, copyright issues emerge, resulting in exorbitant infringement penalties. Well in the kingdom of YAH, only the Holy Spirit owns all the information and chooses who to release it to. So we will not play any copyright games here because these messages do not come from our heads, but from our KJV Bible. We operate in the spiritual, and this realm is more dangerous than legal battles.


The APOCALYPSE Category!

Apocalypse Actors

Apocalypse Part 1

Apocalypse Part 2

Apocalypse Part 3


Pinpoint False Prophets
How God Deceives!

The SECRET Category!


Shocking Untold Truths: The Apocalypse Is Upon Us.
Curses & Witchcraft
Shocking Untold Truths: The Apocalypse is Upon Us
Deception With TRUTHS

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