#1 Recommended KJV Bible By Shocking Untold Truths


I. Introduction.

Every time I mentioned the name KJV Bible on this website, I had no idea that I was solving only a tiny piece of the problem. The real problem here is finding an accurate version of the original KJV, with very little risk of the presence of revised texts. That’s where the main problem lies today, and the objective of this article is to propose to you, our #1 Recommended KJV Bible you need in this 21st century, for your much-needed spiritual growth. They are no longer many out there. Get yours while you can as soon as possible and keep it like you would protect an egg.

Go to the next section to see why.

Affiliate Disclaimer.

This post contains affiliate links. And what does this mean? This means that at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you decide to buy any of the Bibles we recommend below.

When you make a purchase, the price you pay will be the same, whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website, using a non-affiliate link.

What will you do? The choice is totally up to you.

II. Famine For The Word Of God Is On The Horizon. Are You Ready?

#1 Recommended KJV BIBLE
#1 Recommended KJV BIBLE

The Lord Said It Himself. This Is It Right Here:

Amos 8:11-12.
11. Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

12. And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.

Whilst you might think that this prophecy was issued in the Old Testament, what you should understand is that it has not yet come to pass. And to make matters worse, my personal study of the KJV Bible has led me to understand that God scattered so many prophecies related to our generation, throughout the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, because He’s a God who declares the end in the beginning.

So that prophecy released to Amos, which has not yet been fulfilled, was definitely a prophecy destined for the 21st century. Are you ready for the spiritual famine that’s on the horizon?


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III. Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold-Beware Of Shiny Objects.

#1 Recommended KJV Bible
#1 Recommended KJV Bible

There are tons of KJV Bibles on Amazon, with thousands of 5-star ratings, but please, BEWARE. If you take the time and go through all the reasons why they attribute 5 stars, you will discover that a significant majority of the reviewers focus only on the external appearance with little attention paid to the content. This is quite dangerous.

Find the very few negative reviews and read them: certain pages missing, information about abortion included at the back of the Bible, and other super crazy stuff. Please pay close attention to all the negative reviews. You might find only 2 out of 10000 5 star reviews, but these negative reviews are enough to qualify the credibility of the bible.

Don’t fall for flashy things because the plains and valleys of Sodom and Gomorrah were very beautiful and well-catered for, but the inhabitants stunk of evil! This is exactly what is happening with the KJV Bibles being sold on Amazon today.

While spiritual famine represents the absence of the Word of God, it also definitely means a huge presence of the distorted version of the original Truths.

IV. This Is What You Should Take Into Account When Purchasing A KJV Bible Online Today.

#1 Recommended KJV Bible
#1 Recommended KJV Bible

This list is not exhaustive but represents the most important factors that will guide you through selecting an accurate KJV Bible version, and not regretting the money spent. As it stands now, tens of thousands of people have recently bought a low-quality KJV on Amazon, and they don’t even know.

Let’s get right into things to discuss the important checklist for getting a high-quality content KJV;

1-The Credibility Of The Publisher.

a. Individuals Are Printing Bibles Today

This is a top priority because tons of individuals have entered into the business of printing KJV Bibles, and to make matters worse, they revise before printing.This is dangerous.

c. Are They Pro KJV?

Again, check out their stand about KJV: are they for or against KJV? Most publishers outrightly downplay the credibility of the original texts of KJV and recommend the revised ones. This is a very bad sign.

e. Private Names On Bible Is Not Cool.

Publishers that are recognized by their personal names, should be avoided as much as possible. Their names are often written on the spine of the Bible.

b. Ancient Publishers Are Low Risk.

So to be on the safe side, stick with the publishers that have been in business since the KJV was translated way back in the 1600s. We will check out a few examples shortly.

d. Publishing Organizations Are Better

To take it a step further, you should also avoid individual/private publishers, and there are big names out there. The publishing companies you should take seriously, are those established as an organization.

f. Unfortunately They Are Best Sellers!

These are the publishers that are currently selling highly on Amazon, but I do not recommend their Bibles. These Bibles have the highest number of 5 stars ratings.

2-The Content Of The Bibles.

a. Avoid Bibles With Commentaries.

First of all, please: AVOID ALL BIBLES THAT HAVE ANY SORT OF COMMENTARIES IN THEM. These texts always appear at the bottom of every page in the Bible. That’s not a good sign. Once you start mixing the Word of God with those of human beings, it’s no longer the Word of God but human opinion.

b. Commentaries Are Often Misleading.

Experience has it that most of these commentaries are filled with misleading interpretations of the Word of God. So to avoid getting caught up in deception right inside your Bible, avoid commentaries Bibles as much as possible. Let the Holy Spirit teach you what you should know, not humans.

c. Avoid Bibles That Influence Your Understanding.

Also, avoid Bibles that dictate to you what you should understand. For instance, sections of the Bible regrouped and identified as salvation texts, others regrouped as Revelation. Most of the time, the distinction is made using colors. This is quite dangerous given the mysterious nature of the Word of God who intertwines everything together.

d. Allow The Holy Spirit To Take Control.

God mixes up a lot of prophecies, salvation, and Revelation texts together, throughout the Old and New Testaments. You need only the Holy Spirit to help discern, if not, your understanding will be limited by colors dictated by the publishers. What to take away from this section? Your KJV should contain only the Word of God inside. Pure texts and verses, with no interruptions.

3-Be Wary Of Very Cheap & Flashy KJV Bibles.

a. Quality Is Not Cheap.

Getting a KJV Bible is a very important undertaking. I really don’t think that publishers who have taken the pains to make something valuable will give it away at very cheap prices. At the same time, it also does not mean that all expensive Bibles have good quality, but do not forget what matters the most-the content.

b. Avoid The Shiny Object Syndrome.

So I believe it’s a general rule of thumb, that when the Bible is too cheap and too beautiful, then something is definitely not right. My guess is that the content has already been compromised. So please, be very careful of very cheap Bibles. Take your time to do your research.

c. We Want To Help You Choose Only The Best.

We have proceeded to do a selection of the KJV Bibles, which we believe, respects the guidelines we have discussed above, and I was very shocked to realize that very few people are going for them.

d. Go To The Next Section To Check Out Our Best Recommendations.

Check out our recommended KJV Bibles in the next section, presented in order of publisher priority. When we are done presenting, we will help you make the best selection

V. Recommended Bibles From Our Best Publishers.

1-Local Church Bible Publishers [BIBLES].

These publishers have the highest integrity when it comes to KJV Bibles. They are bent on preserving the original texts, and that’s what they have done for so many decades. We really highly recommend these publishers. We found one of their Bibles on Amazon. Check it out below:

–>Authorized King James Holy Bible.


  • Highly trusted publisher, with strong ethics for KJV Bible original texts.
  • Has very wide columns, making this Bible a great choice for note-takers.
  • Has no extra commentaries from anyone included, making it a distraction-free environment, which is favorable for a direct encounter with the Holy Spirit.
  • The leather cover is of high quality.
  • The overall remarks from those who have already purchased this Bible, are very positive.


  • The featured image used on Amazon is not the best. It would have been really nice to know what the bible looks like before buying.
  • Their online shop lacks the SSL Certificate to protect confidential information. This limitation does not stop online shoppers as well.

Local Church Bible Publishers is our top recommendation if you want high-quality content, and a trusted Bible. Even though their online shop has no SSL Certificates, many still buy from their store without issues, but keep in mind that buying from an unsecured website comes with a significant amount of risk involved.

So if you want to get a Bible from these trusted publishers, we strongly recommend that you visit their store physically. But if you cannot go there, we have great alternatives to shop trusted Bibles online as well.

Check them out below.

2-Cambridge University Press [BIBLES].

This recommendation is second to Local Church Bible Publishers. Their integrity is not as solid as the one above, simply because they have also accepted to print revised versions of the original KJV. But if you stick with their KJV, you stand a higher chance of obtaining an accurate version of KJV, compared to the private publishers out there. Cambridge is also one of the oldest publishing organizations out there. So they come highly recommended after Local Church Bible Publishers.

Check out our best selection of their Bibles from Amazon below:

–>KJV Personal Concord Reference Bible.


  • The imitation leather used is a great alternative for the real thing, implying that it’s way better than cheap leather. This cover is also attractive, durable, and pleasant to feel.
  • The edges of the pages are gold and simply beautiful.
  • The text is easy to read and in bold print, the words of Jesus are written in red.
  • It includes a concordance, maps, and a dictionary.
  • Great quality for the price, and affordable for what they offer.
  • Great overall impression.


  • Small printing might be an issue here if you are familiar only with larger fonts. If that’s you, then our next recommendation would be more appropriate for you. Otherwise, this is the only problem encountered so far with this Bible.

–>KJV Cameo Reference Edition [King James Version Of 1611].


  • If you have a problem with small prints, like the one above, then this cameo print is what you are looking for.
  • High-quality Bible that can stand the test of time and last for generations.
  • Fine-tuned and beautiful binding.
  • From all indications, this is one of the expensive KJVs that’s worth investing in.


  • The copies are limited. I hope that they are still available by the time you get to this article.

3-Oxford Uni Pr(T) [BIBLES].

If you are not able to secure a KJV with our highly recommended two publishers above, then check out the next best alternative.

–>Giant Print Bible-KJV.


  • Giant print with 18 fonts. Great for elders because they can read from this Bible without straining.
  • No distractions and commentaries. Just the Word of God alone, a fundamental characteristic of an accurate KJV.
  • The publication date of this Bible dates way back to 1657, another pertinent indicator, that you might be dealing with one of the very last original texts of the KJV Bible.
  • Even though this Bible is being listed by the National Publishing Company, the original publisher is the Oxford University Press (T), another PLUS, for this particular KJV.


  • Of course. It is very expensive.

VI. Here Is Our #1 Recommended KJV Bible To Purchase Online.

If you want to purchase an accurate version of the KJV Bible online today, at an affordable price, here is our #1 Recommendation:

Please do not forget the fact that our #1 Publisher is the Local Bible Church Publishers, but unfortunately, purchasing their books online appears to be risky for one major reason-their online store is insecure and lacks the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, a premium add-on to websites that protects credit card information and all other sensitive data customers are required to provide when purchasing online. This right here is a major problem.

Again, the Bible they have made available on Amazon does not even have a featured image. So you are not really sure about what you will get. And that’s not really cool.

That said, the best way to get one of these quality Bibles provided by the Local Bible Church Publishers, is to go directly to their physical brick-and-mortar shop and get yours. I envy those who live around them if at all they know what they have. But if it’s impossible for you to go there directly, well, you can go with our recommendation in this conclusion area.

Heeee, what about the other expensive Bibles? If we had that amount of resources, we would have definitely purchased ours as a matter of urgency and kept it. See how the prices have started soaring and going over the roof??? It’s ok if you can’t afford it. We can’t as well, as these prices go way beyond our budget. That’s why we have recommended the best quality for the best price, the Cambridge version above. But if we had some $1000 sitting idle somewhere, then getting one of those Bibles above would be the best investment. Let me tell you why: wisdom is priceless.

Also, note that the complete list of accurate Bibles to purchase has not been exhausted in this article, but we have provided the relevant guidelines to help you get a KJV Bible you will be very proud of. That said,




Were you edified by this message?

Please support us so that we can consistently continue to provide you with future Biblical Apocalyptic Prophecies like this one. Every cent will go a long way.


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