3 Major Red Flags Of A False Prophet🤔[YOU NEED TO READ THIS]

Modern-day prophets have lost it completely.

And now, YAH has resorted to using very unlikely preachers.

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And let this profound lamentation in this video speak for itself.

As it captures many of the points I’ve evoked in this article further down.

YAH is talking. Let him that heareth understand. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️👉

This is the best era to read the Bible and make sense of it.

If you are not already doing so, you should know therefore that you are missing out big-time: NO JOKE!

Is the prophetic ministry bad? Absolutely not. But you will soon discover how this particular ministry has been abused by almost 99+% of people who call themselves prophets.

The Bible makes it crystal clear how to identify these false leaders in the end times. It’s ok if you still can’t link the dots. That’s why I decided to publish this article about the 3 Major Red Flags Of A False Prophet, which you should read and understand as a matter of urgency.

There are tons of red flags, but we will discuss the 3 major ones, that represent some of the deceptive strategies implemented by wolves in sheep’s clothing today.

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We had actually prepared a more extensive document bringing together 6 additional red flags of a false prophet, making it a total of 9 major red flags of a false prophet, which you can download and explore offline. Pdf and audio versions are available below if you are interested:

👉9 Major Red Flags Of A False Prophet. [PRINTABLE EBOOK VERSION].
👉9 Major Red Flags Of A False Prophet. [AUDIO BOOK VERSION].

Let’s do this. Continue reading to discover the 3 major red flags of a false prophet.


3 Major Red Flags Of A False Prophet🤔[YOU NEED TO READ THIS]
3 Major Red Flags Of A False Prophet🤔[YOU NEED TO READ THIS]

A. FIRST RED FLAG: Prosperity Is The Core Of Preaching

If every time you come to church, and the only thing your pastor preaches about, is property, that should trigger the first red flag.

Don’t forget the fact that the Bible has over 1500 pages. What’s on the other pages? Haven’t you ever bothered to find out?

Of course, prosperity exists in the Bible and God wants his children to live a very long and prosperous lifestyle. This has always been God’s plan for his chosen people which is nothing short of excellent.

So what’s the catch?

False modern-day prophets will always target these prosperity verses and make them the center of every sermon. The following week, they target the next, and preaching becomes a routine of teaching about prosperity.

This is all good but I have one major problem:


And yes, that’s why you don’t always get what they prophesied, because the truth is not as smooth as they would like you to believe.

Go to the next point to see where I’m heading to.


3 Major Red Flags Of A False Prophet🤔[YOU NEED TO READ THIS]
3 Major Red Flags Of A False Prophet🤔[YOU NEED TO READ THIS]

That’s right.

Not only do they focus on prosperity, but a majority of the time, the information they dish out is incomplete.

False prophets (which happen to be the vast majority out there) do not reveal the conditions to activate the prosperity that they preach.

They are scared of losing their hard-earned audience and money because not so many church members would want to do what it takes.

Here is the thing:

  • People are always looking for rapid results;
  • Prophets, on the other hand, are desperate for your total dependence on them to keep you completely under their control, so your weakness (unwillingness to do what it takes – read your KJV BIBLE) completes the equation for a manipulation scheme that will last for many years to come.

You are soon to discover that prophets actually play no role whatsoever in making you prosperous.

That’s accurate what I just said and I will prove it to you with scripture. I support my statements with scriptures always. Hang in there because more shocking revelations are on their way.

Getting to that state of prosperity is not at all a merry process, I can assure you that. But the most frustrating part is that these prophets don’t reveal the secrets to you.

Either they don’t know it themselves (which is very unlikely) or they deliberately hide it from you. But because you are here, I will tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s analyze how the manipulation scheme is effectively carried out by false prophets. Go to the next section to check it out.


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