Israel-Africa Continues With Plans To Unite.

Israel-Africa Continues With Plans To Unite.😲😲[PU.EP2].

This is a prophetic update with regards to news coming straight out of Israel, or from the continent, you recognize today as Africa. As Israel-Africa Continues With Plans To Unite, it’s getting more and more obvious, that what awaits Israel in the nearest future is inevitable.

There’s only one way out of this future disaster: if Israel does not turn back from worshipping shrines and ancestors in grooves and forests, as well as in modern-day churches that still encourage the worship of statues/idols of stones and wood, then half of the continent of Africa will surely be destroyed in the future.

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1. A Piece Of Advice For You.

Israel-Africa Continues With Plans To Unite
Israel-Africa Continues With Plans To Unite

This is a piece of advice for you.

We are currently living in the end times, and you should start getting comfortable with learning very hard and undiluted truths, which you will find nowhere else online, but here on Shocking Untold Truths.

Have you been paying more attention, to the Caucasian nation of Israel, instead of the Biblical Israelites? Please don’t take any offense, because when the Truths start emerging, absolutely no one or nothing, can stop them.

Now on a serious note.

If you have been focussing on the Caucasian Israelites, then expect to understand very little about end-times Bible prophecies. This article has been written to state Biblical facts the way they are. It is your responsibility to do your own research. So if you don’t agree with anything you are about to discover below,…🤷‍♀️.

Unlike other websites that preach about end-times prophecies, and deliberately deactivate their comments section to avoid any form of challenge whatsoever, I’ve done quite the opposite because I have nothing to hide, and the source of my information is AUTHORITATIVE. These words are not mine.

I’ve left the comment section open for anyone who wishes to challenge the contents of this site and to ask for clarification. This is because I want those who are seeking the Truths to understand. So if you dispute or you don’t understand any of the contents of this website, please, feel free to use the comments section without any hesitation. I will surely get back to you, according to God’s will. In the comments section, we will use scripture to sort out any confusion, with the Holy Spirit guiding our reflection in the Word.

That said, go to the next section to discover some of the moves Israel/Africa is making to unite, which represents the development stages of the fulfillment of a major prophecy in the Old Testament: THE FUTURE PURGE OF ISRAEL.

2. Israel-Africa Continues With Plans To Unite.

Watch the video below to see the strides being implemented towards African Unity:

This is no coincidence.

Africa started off in 2021 with the intention to unite, and since then, this movement has been gaining momentum, not only among the African leaders, but also among the Africans in Africa, and in the diaspora.

I made a prophetic update about this. You can check it out below:

This is no coincidence.

While this will certainly bring joy and prosperity to the Africans as a whole, after hundreds of years of colonization and oppression, in actual fact, this unity which cannot be avoided, represents a huge setup for Israel in the Spiritual realm: Israel is getting ready for the next phase of punishment from the One who chose them to be His own.

If only Israel could understand this Truth and repent, maybe the casualties will be reduced, or maybe the war would be totally canceled. Who knows? Nineveh was spared, but will Africa be?

And to make matters worse, Israel does not want to hear anything about the Word of God. They believe it’s a thing of the West. Little do they know that the Bible is black History, manipulated by the West for colonization reasons. But if they open that book and read it, then they will understand the depth of the deception of the West, like I do today.

So because of this demonic impact, the West has had on Israel/Africa up to today, Israel has blamed the Bible for their woes because the West used the Bible to infiltrate and colonize Africa. And little does Israel know that the infiltration of the West and the North, was also a fulfillment of a prophecy of the Old Testament.

Check out the article below for more details of this Old Testament prophecy.

What is the end result of this manipulation that has lasted for over 400 years? Israel has proceeded to intensify their idol and ancestral worship.

And this is the main reason why I believe that the future purging of Israel/Africa, cannot be avoided. Very few have woken up to the Truth and are taking measures to renew their relationship with Yah. The others, which represent a vast majority, just don’t care.

And what’s the proof that Israel is Africa?

3. Future Prophecies Concerning Israel/Africa.

You should read the articles below to see how I’ve been able to link the dots in scripture, thanks to the help of the Holy Spirit. We are instructed to test the Spirits to determine whether they are of God. Over to you now to test the Spirit of this website as you read the articles that follow.

My job is to sow the Word. Only God is responsible for the increase. I believe that as you check out the articles below, a seed will be planted in your heart, which will eventually yield fruits in due time, in the form of understanding and Wisdom.

Since you are actively seeking the Truth, because you are currently reading this article, I believe that you will understand faster. There’s really not much time left, because God is hastening things up already.

I pray that God gives you Wisdom. So here are the Old Testament prophecies that were referring to Africa in these end times.

A. The Future Purge Of The Israelites-Africans.

B. Procedure Of The Purge.

C Who Is The King Of The South?

D. More Proof About The Identity Of The King Of The South.

E. Where Is The Glorious Land Located Today?

All the articles which have been included above, are all referring to one and the same set of people on earth today: the Africans, whose original identity, is Israel.

If you want to know whether these prophecies are true or not, it is very simple. All you have to do, is start monitoring the evolution of Africa as of today and watch out for the fulfillment of the following prophecies. If they come to pass, then come back to this website, and gather all the information with respect to the remainder of the unfulfilled prophecies, and keep it in a safe place, as your future roadmap.

So watch Africa for the fulfillment of the following major prophecies in the future:

  • The unity of Africa;
  • The economic and financial growth of Africa;
  • The formation of a Continental Military Force;
  • And above all, war on Africa, once the Continental Military Force has been created.

If all these prophecies come to pass, then make sure that you return to this website and check out what happens after that war. It has also been sufficiently documented on this website. I only hope that this website will still be accessible in the nearest future because I don’t know Gods’ will for this site in the future.

4. Conclusion.

Israel-Africa Continues With Plans To Unite.
Israel-Africa Continues With Plans To Unite.

As Israel-Africa Continues With Plans To Unite, watch out for the evolution of this process, and see whether they will eventually grow economically and financially, and above all, whether they will form one Continental Military force, comprising of members from all African countries.

If you really want to understand the Word of God, and the coded messages for these end times, then you should start watching Africa/Biblical Israel from today henceforth. You will thank Yah later, that you listened to my advice.

Stay holy in these end times, and talk to you soon.


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