👉The 144000 Going To Heaven Will Not Be Raptured😱

👉The 144000 Going To Heaven Will Not Be Raptured😱

What do I mean by saying that The 144000 Going To Heaven Will Not Be Raptured?

There are many websites online that have offered their take on the 144000, including this one you are currently browsing, but none of them have made the link between the first rapture and the 144000.

This website will do just that.

The first rapture is all about escaping the hour of temptation that will soon befall the whole world in these end times. So anyone partaking in this first rapture will truly be blessed to stand before the son of man:

Luke 21:36. King James Version.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

I cannot even dare to imagine how those who will make it out will feel like. But what about the 144000? Will they partake of this first escape? So if The 144000 Going To Heaven Will Not Be Raptured, when therefore will they be leaving for heaven?

The Bible has accurate answers. Continue reading to find out.


1. First Of All, Who Are These 144000?

According to the book of Revelation, these are servants chosen specifically, from the 12 tribes of Israel. When I say Israel, I’m not referring to the political nation of Israel, that we all know today.

The Biblical Israelites were black. Please don’t catch any hard feelings here. On this website, we provide nothing but the Truth. If you don’t agree with anything you read, either you express your thoughts in the comments section below, or you continue to do your own research by reading your KJV Bible regularly.

So why am I highlighting the fact that the Israelites are black? It implies that in these end times, 144000 black Hebrew servants of the Most High YAH will be raised and trained for their end times missions. If we stand by what scriptures say, then expect some super black preachers to emerge. When will they emerge? Only YAH knows.

Chances are that they are already being trained as I write, all over the world. Don’t bother to ask who they are, or where they are, because at this point in time, they don’t even know yet that they would be counted as the 144000. So no guesswork here.

In other words, only YAH knows how He’s raising this army, and where. So if you currently have issues with black people, as the majority does today, I don’t know. You will certainly miss the message they carry with them for you.

2. So When I Say That The 144000 Going To Heaven Will Not Be Raptured, What Do I Mean?

👉The 144000 Going To Heaven Will Not Be Raptured😱
👉The 144000 Going To Heaven Will Not Be Raptured😱

This is what it means:

The 144000 will eventually go to heaven, BUT NOT DURING THE FIRST ESCAPE.

Come to think of it.

This website has identified 3 major end times escapes that have been scheduled to take place:

  • -The first rapture is the first plane. It will happen before the beast is revealed. Our generation is currently preparing to witness this event.
  • -The second plane or escape, is reserved only for the Israelites. It is what the book of Revelation refers to as the Wilderness event, meant only for the woman with 12 crowns, representing the 12 tribes of Israel.
  • -The third plane or escape is reserved only for the 144000.

The third plane will be made available, during the heart of the Great Tribulation from YAH Himself. But before the Great Tribulation begins, the following events would have already taken place:

  • -the beast would have been revealed;
  • -he would have been used to begin the purge on the stiff neck remnants of the Israelites who survived slavery from the West and North;
  • -the beast would have also been used to implement the mark of the beast, to chastise the Israelites all over again, as well as the whole world.

But during all these horrors, guess what:


Once the Great Tribulation begins, and before the breaking of the 7th seal, they would be sealed, and just before the pouring of the last 7 vials, they will now board their special plane to safety, meant only for the 144000.

And it’s at this point in time, that the 144000 servants of YAH will go to heaven, not during the first rapture.

Do you see the difference? Leave a comment below if you don’t.

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3. Conclusion.

The 144000 Going To Heaven Will Not Be Raptured at the time of the first rapture, but will go to heaven, just before when the Great Tribulation reaches the final climax: the last 7 vials.

Currently, the rapture-ready saints are awaiting the first plane of the first rapture. Who would be qualified? Only YAH knows, thank YAH.

Stay holy for the first rapture, for it is at hand.

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