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B. Future Purge On Africa-Israel==>FUTURE EVENT!

After the first rapture season, then a new season will be born. This season will be characterized by:

  • The revealing of the first beast. This man will supposedly come with a solution to bring world peace, after millions of people would have suddenly vanished from the face of the earth, following the first rapture. He will try to justify this escape in the likes of, ”the evil people have been captured by aliens, because they were bad and hated unity, …”
  • His ascension to power. With the whole world trusting him to bring peace, he will now proceed to form alliances with the 10 horns of the book of Revelation. Who are the 10 horns in the 21st century? The following article has the answers. Check it out futher down.
  • His execution of his very first end-time mission:


For the record, his ascent to power was not captured in the book of Revelation but extensively documented in the visions of Daniel.

If you want more details on what is happening here, then check out and download the complete PDF version of this season below. Study it offline in a more distracting free environment:

And with regards to the candidates of the 10 horns in the 21st century, the article below will give you deeper insights:

So what season will emerge after the purge of Israel, leading to the second coming of Yeshua? Check it out in the next section.

C. The Season Of The Mark Of The Beast==>FUTURE EVENT!

After the future purge on Africa, the mark of the beast will not be immediately implemented.


According to the visions of Daniel, the beast will enjoy the spoil of Africa with his allies. Slaves will be captured again and taken into captivity. This time around, to future Babylon.

That’s why a certain prophecy in the book of Revelation can be linked to what will happen to Africa/Israel again:

Revelation 11:8. King James Version
8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

The dead bodies above are referring to those of the two witnesses. They shall lie in the streets of the Great City for 3 days, without being buried. Many also confuse this great city to mean Jerusalem, which is not Biblical.

The book of Revelation used the word ‘Great City’, to refer to the future Babylon, which has not yet emerged. And we know that the Beast will be the head of Babylon. And if the beast has not yet been revealed, it, therefore, means that Babylon has not yet also been revealed. This is pure logic.

Now, this is what I want to draw your attention to.

In the Revelation scripture quoted above, that great city is also known as Spiritual Sodom and Egypt. These two prophecies have not yet come to pass. Let’s understand the interpretation of spiritual Sodom and Egypt below:

  • Spiritual Sodom represents the height of all abominations against the human bodies (the new temples of YAH), that the beast will introduce.
  • And Spiritual Egypt, represents the title that future Babylon will adopt,


When this happens, Africa-Biblical Israel would have been enslaved 3 times, in the history of their existence:

  • -First time in literal Egypt. We all know where this country is found today.
  • -Second time, in the Egypt of USA and EUROPE==>PROPHECY ALREADY FULFLLED (Deut. 28:68).
  • -Third time, in the Egypt of FUTURE BABYLON, a city, which will still be located in Europe in the nearest future. PROPHECY NOT YET FULFILLED. (Revelation 11:8).

If you want more proof to understand why the great city in the book of Revelation is not Jerusalem, but Babylon The Great, you should read the article below. It provides greater insights.

So after the future purge on Africa, the mark of the beast will not be immediately implemented.

When the beast would have enjoyed all the spoils from Africa, after some time, he would try to come back to Africa again to conquer, but it will not prosper, as the former (slavery in Egypt and USA), or as the latter (slavery in Babylon the Great).

The ships of Chittim will come against him and destroy his plans. I don’t know who this country represents today.

And that’s the time when, he will return, and implement worldwide, the mark of the beast.


Remember that these are the chronology of events that will lead us to answer the question: When Is The Second Coming Of Jesus (Yeshua)? As at this season, His time to emerge has not yet arrived.

At the end of the season of the mark of the beast, the two witnesses will be killed. Their bodies will lie in the streets for 3 days, and no one would bury them.

These 3 days would be the last 3 days of the season of the Mark of the beast.

When the mark of the beast season will be over, then the world will transition into a very rapid and swift season, which might not last for up to a day.

Check it out in the next section.


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